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Posted on: September 18, 2008 9:25 am

Well here we sit at 2-0. Can you believe it Cardinal fans?

Shocked?  Maybe

Surprised?   Some

Jubilated? Of Course

Can the currently undefeated AZ Cardinals continue the winning ways with a nice defense and a constant threat in the pass? Well this fan believes that anything is possible with a fresh Edgerrin James and a focused offensive line. With Warner playing like the MVP he was, there is no stopping the Cardnials this year.  Now I am being a little optimistic as a fan, but as long as the defense holds and A Wilson stays healthy!! Adrian is the difference maker. People forget that after 2 seasons (04-05) of over 100 tackles he was a Pro Bowler in 2006 after a season of  85 tackles...5 sacks and 4 ints. He is a run stuffer who is versatile enough to cover in pass coverage as well. Evident in week one with the int versus the 49ers.  

Although James will command (*cough* )  demand, at least 20 carries a game the offense has been at a nice pace and very efficient. with 23 and 31 points respectively. With a newly signed Fitzgerald and Boldin playing for a contract, we have the best young tandem of receivers in the NFL. With the rookie Hightower barreling at the goaline and 6'7" Pope playing like he was back at GA the goaline offense is as sharp as the regular formations. Although I am not a fan of using Rodgers-Cromartie and Wilson on offense, please tell me why coach, it is at least a wrinkle that hasn't been utilized yet. Hopefully it works as a decoy as other teams do have to plan for it.

Now with the switch of Rolle from CB to Safety. I orginally wasn't a fan of this either as a fan of The U, I have watched his entire career felt if he could get his footwork down he would be a great shutdown corner. But since he relies too much on speed to cover, safety was the best choice. With a returning Berry and Chike Okeafor from injury the front 7 is one of the best in the league, Throwing in Dansby , Hayes and Dockett of course.  With the upcoming game against the Redskins looming, our defense is the key to our season. Health and prosperity to the Cardinals for the 08 season. Lets keep the momentum going!!

I'll return later this week to disect the Redskins matchup!!

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